Breaking the myth of “impossible blockchain triangle”

Thinkium uses a multi-chain layered multi-level system architecture, PoS-based random election, TBFT, cross-chain, intra-chain sharding, and multi-chain parallel computing to fundamentally solve the “impossible triangle” problem of the blockchain.

Infinite and scalable performance: Under the condition of ensuring decentralization and consistency, as the number of nodes and chains increases, the performance of the Thinkium system can be infinitely extended, supporting use case scenarios that require a large number of users and application operations.

Completely decentralized: Allow consensus nodes to join the Thinkey network without permission, and there are no super nodes.

Data consistency: Under the condition that malicious nodes are allowed, Thinkium nodes can reach a consensus result.

A Public Chain of Public Chains

As an infrastructure, Thinkium’s technology architecture fully supports the development and deployment of DAPP, Application Public Chain (APC) and Industry Alliance Chain (ICC).

Building an application public chain (APC) on Thinkium, developers do not need to fork the code or build from scratch, but only use the Thinkium (APC) development platform to develop their own public chain, which can avoid the complexity and The burden of feature development can focus on the business.

Thinkium supports the APC development community to develop DAPPs on it and promote their own public chain brands. APC runs on the Thinkium mainnet and can share the traffic and value of the Thinkium ecosystem.

Universal architecture

Thinkium is a hierarchical multi-level chain structure, which has good flexibility and scalability. The number and relationship of chains can be dynamically adjusted according to demand, and it can be used as the infrastructure of the public and alliance chains at the same time. From the system perspective, Thinkium has designed a four-layer implementation framework to facilitate future system upgrades and expansions.

High concurrency in complex contracts

Thinkium innovatively proposes an Actor-based parallel model that perfectly supports highly concurrent execution of complex tasks, helping large-scale applications to land. Enabling the blockchain to carry large-scale transactions more efficiently and supporting complex application operations with large numbers of users makes it possible to implement blockchain commercial projects that were originally restricted by technological maturity.

Fusion of Public and Consortium Chain

With the underlying technology of the Thinkium blockchain, enterprises can split their business data and logic according to their requirements. They can keep confidential parts into a trusted consortium chain and open another part of the business that requires sharing to the public chain. Thinkium supports both business confidentiality and value circulation. Business can easily adjust the split between the public chain and the consortium chain when needed. 

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